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565 Customer Testimonials (and counting!)

Our number one focus at Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes is customer service. As our dealership grows, we will continue in our goals of meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers. Below are just a few comments we have received from our satisfied customers:

-Avent Beck, Lexington, VA
(2011 BMW 328xi Coupe)
Greg, here is my testimonial for your website on my most recent purchase from your team:

We first stepped through the doors at MidAtlantic Motorwerkes nearly a decade ago. A Volkswagen we wanted to race needed some wise thinking over, and specialized mechanical service. A dealer in collectible Porsches had recommended Greg Shaffer in Harrisonburg. Through that Volkswagen, a Ford, a Honda, and three BMWs, we have learned a lot about MidAtlantic’s expertise and customer care. We could not be in more capable hands, and we are grateful.

Avent Beck / JMU

-Garren and Vanessa Zuck, Arlington, VA
(2011 BMW 535 Xdrive)
I am writing to tell you about the pleasant experience my wife and I recently had at Mid-Atlantic Motorwerkes. Greg and his team were there to help us from start to finish. Initially, they were very responsive to our online questions about the two cars we were interested in. Greg personally answered emails and texts very promptly, at all hours of the day, and was very knowledgeable about the options and specific details of the cars. Since we were coming from the DC area, this saved us a trip coming out and inspecting the cars on our own and greatly helped us narrow down the prospects. Greg provided detailed build sheets, carfax reports and other research reports at our request. Also, he provided the same reports on our own car to help us evaluate its trade value. Once at the dealership, Greg was very patient in answering questions and gave us space to evaluate the cars on our own. Greg and his team were very knowledgeable and professional in executing the transaction and doing the paperwork. The sales process was quick and smooth. Even after we returned home, Greg continued to promptly answer our questions over the next day. In sum, this is a professional business with attention to customer service and we recommend them highly. Garren

-Bartek, Kelly and Austin Drewnowski, Richmond / Massanutten, VA
(2003 Porsche 911 Coupe Aero)
“Greg and Vince - Many thanks for the wonderful car buying experience. It was a true pleasure to work with someone who doesn’t just sell cars, but really knows them. I appreciate you sharing your vast knowledge and passion for fine automobiles. I learned a great deal from you both. You guys made the process fun and simple, and your continued support after the purchase has been outstanding. Thanks again!”

-Cynthia and Mark Nuckols, Staunton, VA
(2008 BMW 330i Sport)

-Linda Harrison, Charlottesville, VA
(2008 BMW X3 3.0si Sport)

-Sandy Milford and Son, Fairfax County, VA
(2005 BMW X5 3.0 Sport)

-Paul Hedrick, Staunton, VA
(2010 BMW 528x-Drive NAV)
2nd BMW purchase from Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes!

-Kirk and Belinda Landes, Massanutten, VA
(2008 BMW X5 3.0si Sport)

-Mark and Linda Hensley, Elkton, VA
(2007 BMW X3 3.0si Sport)

-Asa and Kathy Graves, Harrisonburg, VA
(2011 Mercedes-Benz GL450 4-Matic)
Asa and Kathy have been doing business with Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes for the past 7+ years with purchasing and servicing of Porsche's, Audi's, etc. Thanks for your continued business and loyalty!

-TIm Coleman, Goode, VA
(2007 Porsche Cayman S)

-Chris Roache, Kearneysville, VA
(1996 BMW M3 Coupe)

-Dr. Jim Broderson, Harrisonburg, VA
(2011 BMW X3)

-Serena Schuler, Harrisonburg, VA
(2011 BMW 528i)
*Serena's 2nd BMW purchase from Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes over the past years

-Kathy Jewell, Martinsburg, WV
(2010 BMW 328xi NAV)
Hi Greg

Just wanted to send you a short e-mail, I had been looking for about two weeks contacting several dealerships about purchasing a new car, some of them contacted me in 48 hours and there are yet some who have not contacted me at all. When I stumbled upon your location on the internet I sent you a email that I was interested in one of your cars that you had listed. Not only did you respond within a hour but you also called, This is what led me to making the 2 1/2 hour trip and see what you had to offer. The car looked exactly how it was described on the internet, it was priced reasonable and the process of purchasing was a breeze. Thank you and your staff for your awesome customer courtesy, Even though I have only had my car for 6 days I am very happy with my beautiful 328XI BMW, I will totally recommend your facility to others. Have a wonderful holiday. Kathy

Sent from my iPad

-Garvan McDaniel, Wilmington, DE
(2007 BMW ///M6 Convertible)
Thanks for making the long trip down to Harrisonburg, VA Garvan! Enjoy your V10 ///M6 Toy! Team MAM

-Laura Johnson, Charlottesville, VA
(2010 BMW 328xi NAV)

-Vickie and Jeffrey Thornhill, Ashburn, VA
(2003 BMW Z4 3.0si NAV)
Hi Greg, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Thank you for your help today, it is appreciated. Here’s a comment for the website and we mean every word.

——— It was a great experience buying at Mid-Atlantic Motorwerks. We got a great car at a great price. Greg, Chris, and Dallas were all unfailingly helpful - easy going and no pressure. We certainly will check in with Mid-Atlantic Motorwerks the next time we are looking for a car.

Jeff & Vickie Thornhill

-Dr. Linwood and Judith Rose, Harrisonburg, VA
(2008 Mercedes-Benz GL450 4Matic)
This is the 2nd purchase for Dr. Linwood and Judith Rose from Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes over the years.

-Sheila Moorman, Harrisonburg, VA
(2011 BMW 328ci Convertible)

-Emily Falk, Charlottesville, VA
(2010 BMW 128i)
Emily Falk is the daughter of Barry Falk (professor at James Madison University) who has purchased 3 vehicles from Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes over the past 10 years...

-W.R. Goode, Harrisonburg, VA
(2000 Mercedes-Benz C230 Sport)

-Zane 'Rusty' Bowman, Harrisonburg, VA
(2010 Lexus LS460 AWD)

-Christina Fauber, Weyers Cave, VA
(2011 BMW 328xi NAV)
*2nd purchase w/ Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes*

-David and Karen Wigginton, Harrisonburg, VA
(2010 BMW X5 3.0si)

-Doug and Sally Wiggs, Swoope, VA
(2009 Mini Cooper Clubman S)
Dear Dallas, I want to take a moment to thank you for all that you did to help Sally and I regarding the X5 and Mini. We truly appreciate your valued guidance in our transition from our old cars to these two new additions to our household. We are sure that we will enjoy them both very much over the next few years. Sincerely, Doug Wiggs

-James Whitmoyer, Harrisonburg, VA
(2006 BMW 330xi NAV)

-Sachin & Grishma Shah, Chicago, IL
(2011 BMW X3 Sport)
This was our first car purchasing experience and Dallas really helped us through the process. He was really friendly and provided us with accurate, honest information about the car before we made the trip all the way from Chicago to come buy it. We can't be more happy with the car and the service Dallas and his team provided. Thanks!

Sachin & Grishma

-Jennifer Harvey, Staunton, VA
(2008 Mercedes-Benz C350 AMG Sport)
“From the first handshake through service provided after my purchase, my experience with Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes is unparalleled. The staff literally couldn’t have made the process smoother or more friendly. Led by Greg Shaffer, the owner, each employee I encountered answered all my questions, explained various aspects of the transaction in detail, and even provided some tips for maintenance and fuel economy that have proven useful. The caliber of professionalism is what elevates Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes to a new level – matched only by the sophistication of the vehicles they carry (and stand behind). It’s refreshing to do business with an honest local dealer – one with integrity. I will most certainly return to Greg and the team, and tell my friends to do likewise.” - Jenny Harvey, Staunton

-Paul Hedrick, Staunton, VA
(2007 BMW X3)

-Keith Whitmore, Williamsburg, VA
(2004 BMW 330ci)
Greg, Just a brief follow up to thank you and your team. The 330ci was perfectly serviced, detailed, and ready to go when I arrived Monday morning as scheduled, from Williamsburg. You prepared the car for delivery the way I intend to maintain it myself. And the transaction with you and Dallas was seamless. This was my most enjoyable car-buying experience, ever, and worth the trip from Hampton Roads. I will buy from Mid-Atlantic Motorwerkes again: Thank you! Sincerely, Keith

-Steven Shank, Winchester, VA
(2003 BMW Z4 3.0 Sport)
I was looking for a specific BMW Z4 and found it on the Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes website. I sent in a question via email and within an hour or two, I had an answer from Greg, MAM's owner. Greg answered all my questions without a hint of the usual "used guy" jargon. Nothing about hurry, this one will go fast, no hints at the need for a test drive or a down payment to keep the car on the lot. Nothing but straight forward and honest answers. I put Greg to the test with question after question, and he answered each and every one with the same laid back style. Needless to say, I bought the Z4, and I couldn't be happier. The buying process was the easiest I've ever experienced and no joking, the paperwork was done in less than 5 minutes! In the time I've spent talking to Greg, Dallas and the other employees, it's easy to see why they are so good at what they do. It isn't a job, it's a passion. These guys are specialists, they know their cars, and they know how to treat people. The BMW I bought is 10 years old. Other dealers would only sell a car that old "as is", MAM stood behind it with a warranty. You can't argue with that kind of confidence and commitment. This was by far, the easiest, most pain free and relaxed car buying experience of my life, and the confidence that comes with the car and the people standing behind it is a huge bonus! Thanks to everyone at Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes! I'll be back... and I'm bringing friends!

-Suzanne and Daryl Miller, Ft. Defiance, VA
(2005 Mercedes-Benz SLK350)

-Allan McNutt, Harrisonburg, VA
(2010 Audi S4)
Allan is a long time customer of MAM as we continue to service his other European cars including his very unique VW R32 and also his Audi A4, since 2006... Congrats on your 2010 Supercharged Audi S4!!

-Kevin Borg, Bridgewater, VA
(2009 BMW 328i)

-Tim Troyer, Harrisonburg, VA
(2011 BMW 328i X-Drive)
*This is Tim's 3rd BMW / Benz purchase over the years!!*

-M. Kellogg, Harrisonburg, VA
(2010 Mini Cooper Clubman S)
Thanks to Vince,Greg & Dallas for making this a very easy car buying experience! Mid- Atlantic has been servicing my cars for years and I always knew that they could locate a car but was still in awe of how easy they made it. Sat down with Vince told him what I wanted, what I was looking to spend and 48 hours later viola! He found the car, had it delivered checked it out and it was DONE! Thanks guys! The Mini Clubman is perfect - fast, fun and offers enough room; can average over 37 miles to a gallon if I can keep the speed down!

-Doug and Sally Wiggs, Swoope, VA
(2008 BMW X5)
A few years ago, we bought a 1997 Mercedes E320 from Mid-Atlantic Motorwerkes. It's been a great automobile and, even after putting nearly 100,000 miles on the car we are still enjoying its quality and dependability. This is why we recently returned to Motorwerkes to seek their advice and assistance in looking for a SUV, and we couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. Thanks to the considerable knowledge and expertise of Vince Shaffer and Dallas Hummel, we found an X5 BMW that is perfect for our situation. In fact, we are so pleased with the results that we have asked the two gentlemen to help us begin looking for a replacement to our reliable old Mercedes friend. We do this knowing that Vince and Dallas will give us their thoroughly professional advice without the kind of pressures other car dealers are known to place on their customers. Thanks again, guys!!

Doug and Sally Wiggs

-James Hunt, Collinsville, VA
(2009 BMW X5)

-Dr. Robert Underwood, Harrisonburg, VA
(2011 BMW 535i)
This is Bob's 3rd purchase from MId Atlantic Motorwerkes over the years!!

-Susan McCray, Staunton, VA
(2009 528i xDrive)
For the last 5 years I have always received quick, exceptional, quality service on my older BMW, so I did not hesitate to mention to MidAtlantic Motorwerkes that I was interested in trading up to a later year BMW. Within days, Dallas called me to tell me that they had several 5 series cars on their lot that I might be interested in looking at.

I really liked the 528i x drive, and I was given a very reasonable trade-in value for my older BMW (with 156,000 miles!). The purchase was handled with efficiency, and with minimal effort on my part. As usual with the same professional, courteous, exceptional, and personal service that I have always experienced with MidAtlantic Motorwerkes!

Susan McCray - Lenhart/Obenshain

-Tim Richards, Lakewood, FL
(2006 Cayman S SPORT CHRONO)

-Abram Shearer, Harrisonburg, VA
(2010 BMW 335i)
Great staff all around, superior knowledge, and second to none customer service. MAM not only matches you with the perfect car, but also ensures you're taken care of after your purchase too. Their dependability is likely why they have so many repeat buyers.


-Anthony Hairston, Gainesville, VA
(2010 Audi A6 Premium Plus)

-Tarek M. Algahtani, Bristol, RI
(2011 BMW 740Li)
Hi Mr. Dallas, I saw the picture you posted on your site, it is so nice. Thank you. Although I did not know how to add a comment below the picture. I would appreciate if you can do that for me. I would like to write:

Buying a car from Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes was a great experience, I enjoyed every step, the team was so professional, especially Mr. Dallas Hummel. It was totally worth the trip from Rhode Island to Virginia to buy the BMW. Thank you guys for the assistance. I would definitely recommend anyone to buy from Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes. They are trustworthy.

Thank you. Tarek

-John Garber, Dayton, VA
(2001 Porsche 911 Carrera 2)
*This is John Garber's 3rd vehicle purchase at Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes!

-Dr. John Densmore, Keswick, VA
(2008 BMW 328i C.P.O.)
"Working with Greg and his team was a pleasure. I will definitely be back!" John

-Richard and Gloria Gray, Harrisonburg, VA
(2009 BMW 328i)

-Jeff and Kristen Ferguson, Harrisonburg, VA
(2002 BMW 330cic SPORT)

-Mike Weaver, Woodstock, VA
(2006 Infiniti QX56)

-Joe Cady, Harrisonburg, VA
(2011 BMW 328i xDrive ///M Sport)

-Glenn Franks, Mechanicsville, MD
(2006 BMW Z4)

-Robert Ehardt, Fawn Lake, VA
(2008 BMW E92 M3 V8)

-Robert Wilson, Harrisonburg, VA
(2011 528i NAV)
Buying a car from Motorwerkes is just as great an experience as having our cars serviced there – capable, no-nonsense expertise at a reasonable price. They’ve earned our business with consistent, value-added advice and performance. At Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes we get the kind of owner-operated attention, and consistent quality service that dealerships struggle to deliver. These guys share our passion for delivering nimble, cost effective service; faster, smarter, better. What a great business model ! Thanks, Robert Wilson

Robert Wilson is C.O.O. for Transformation Systems, Inc. visit them on the web at: www.transformationsystems.com

-Barry Falk, Harrisonburg, VA
(2009 528i SPORT)
This is Barry's 2nd BMW purchase from Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes over the years along with repeat service work at our facility.. Enjoy! Thanks for your repeat business and continued loyalty!

-John Garber Sr., Dayton, VA
(2008 328cic NAV SPORT)
This is the Garber's 2nd BMW familiy purchase over the years! Congrats on this 328cic Sport convertible and please be sure to shop Red Front Grocery Store, the Garber family business in Harrisonburg...

-Jeremy Sipe, Elkton, VA
(1999 BMW 528i)
This is Jeremy's 2nd 5 Series BMW purchase over the years with Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes! Thanks for your business...

-Ruth Bauer and Husband, Franklin, WV
(2008 BMW E92 V8 M3)
Congrats on the 'retirement toy' of 414 Horsepower guys!! Enjoy and thanks for purchasing the BMW car cover, etc... Team MAM

-David Shue, Staunton, VA
(2010 BMW 328i xDrive)

-Dr. Bob and Mary Sease, Harrisonburg, VA
(2009 BMW 328i xDrive)
Thanks for continued Sales and Service business and loyalty over the past 6 years of our BMW relationship with each other! Enjoy the new 3 Series! Team MAM

-Joe and Ginger Carico, Harrisonburg, VA
(2009 BMW X5 3.0si)
This BMW X5 marks the Carico's 5th purchase from Motorwerkes over the years!!! Thanks once again to the Carico family for nearly 10 years of continued loyalty to Team MAM! Enjoy......

-Conner Houlbrooke, Harrisonburg, VA
(2004 BMW 330xi)
This is the Houlbrooke's 2nd BMW purchase from Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes over the years.. Thanks Richard, for your continued loyalty to our facility! Enjoy it Conner!

-Ramsey and Lou Ann Lovin, Penn Laird, VA
(2011 BMW 535i)
I originally had in mind a 3 series for my 50th birthday, but when my wife got involved things quickly became complicated. Mid Atlantic's, Jason Bourne, was very knowledgeable and patient. He asked the right questions and helped us narrow down our choices. So when a 2011 535i became available, he knew it was the right car for us. We could not be happier with our new car and with great service at Mid Atlantic MotorWerkes.

Thanks, Ramsey

-David and Cindy Didawick, Staunton, VA
(2009 BMW 528i xDrive)

-Robert and Loris McCurdy, Edinburg, VA
(2005 BMW 530i)

-Bob Bakhtiar, Mt. Crawford, VA
(2009 BMW 328ci Convertible SPORT NAV)
Multiple purchases and service work on Bob's 'other' BMWs in the stable performed by Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes over the years!

Bob and family own a very fine local vineyard facility: Crosskeyes Vineyards in Mt. Crawford, VA.... fantastic estate property with an unreal hosting facility for great times on the outdoor deck and live music venues during the summer time..!!

-Shawn Kries, Bowling Green, KY
(2011 Acura MDX Tech)
"I lucked in to Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes looking for a pre-owned Acura. My wife wasn't wavering on the color combination she wanted, and fortunately MidAtlantic had the car we wanted. All I can say is WOW. These guys are professionals in every sense. The car was represented fairly and I was given honest answers to every question. Buying a car from such a long distance can be a challenge (on both sides of the transaction). I peppered Dallas and Greg with emails, phone calls, voice mails and each time I received a response that was timely and accurate. The after sale service was just as courteous and professional.

If you're in the market for a pre-owned BMW, do not have a second thought on doing business with MidAtlantic. If you luck out like I did on a different vehicle make, consider yourself even more fortunate. This is a class act from start to finish."

Shawn Kries Bowling Green, KY

-Neil Garton, Roanoke, VA
(2010 BMW X5)
Neil drove all the way up Roanoke VA to test drive our X5 versus a similar one at CarMax in Harrisonburg... to quote from Neil: "you guys clearly had the cleaner of the 2 examples i was looking at, the CarMax X5 had a BAD Carfax w/ accident damage reported and just wasn't as clean or priced better than yours anyways by almost $2,200 dollars!!! the choice was quite easy at that point... i'm with Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes and will continue to use them for all my future service needs, etc.... excellent BMW SUV and couldn't have been happier about the transaction... these guys are very easy to get along with and they KNOW their product upside down... why go anywhere else if you are shopping for a great Pre-Owned BMW in this mid atlantic area....... sincerely, Neil Garton Roanoke, VA

-Chad and Judy Kauffman, Fishersville, VA
(2010 BMW X5 Vermillion Red)

-Derek Lambert, Franklin, WV
(2009 BMW 335i xDrive w/ NAV)

-Joseph and Carol Ervin, Harrisonburg, VA
(2007 Lexus LS460)

-The O'Donnell Family and Bella, Harrisonburg, VA
(2001 BMW 325XI)
This is the O'Donnell's 3rd BMW purchase from Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes over the years... Thanks for your continued trust in our operation and Happy Birthday to your daughter!!! What a nice surprise out of nowhere for her!!.... Team MAM

-The Wade Family, Virginia Beach, VA
(2005 BMW 525i)
This stunning 525i Sport BMW marks the Wade's 3rd BMW purchase from Mid Atlantic Motorwerkes over the years!! Appreciate the continued trust and loyalty to our facility! Sincerely, Team MAM

-Brittany Shook, Stanley, VA
(2007 BMW 525XI)
Brittany was quite shocked when her father, Wayne, pulled the trigger w/ Team MAM on this great pre-owned BMW 5 Series!! Enjoy and thanks for the continued business..

-Eric Fletcher, Earlysville, VA
(2011 BMW E92 M3 DCT)
Here is my testimonail for your website to share: Greg and MAM went above and beyond to find me my M3 and just by chance, this past week, he happened to get something in that wasn't even on my immediate radar! Given a long list of color, option and condition requirements, Greg actually found me something nicer than I thought I could afford!! From beginning to end, MAM delivered the high quality bespoke car buying experience I have always wanted. Honesty, integrity and a very high attention to detail are why I keep making the drive from Charlottesville. You can get great service, pricing and cars all in the same place- you just have to go to MAM. Thanks once again for another great M3, as this is my 2nd from you, Greg. Sincerely, Eric

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